Why methane. Methane in bodybuilding – reception and side effects. The positive effects of methane

Why methane. Methane in bodybuilding – reception and side effects. The positive effects of methane

Methane, being a steroid, is capable of having a detrimental effect on the human body, which can be avoided if you become more familiar with some of the features of the drug.

All those who build muscle mass with and using synthetic drugs are probably not hearsay familiar with “methane” and have used it more than once. But few of them were interested in the rules of taking this drug, its effect on the body, often succumbing to the stereotype: “I will do like everyone else.”

The body’s immune system is weakened. Immunodeficiency can develop. Even a little deflation can lead to death.

Since every body has deficiencies, these side effects cross the place that is weakest.

Women begin to grow face to face, voice shrink, enlarged genitals and menstrual cramps. If they are used longer, these changes are no longer made.

Anabolic steroids have been launched recently. They are commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes. Steroids are synthetic drugs to replace testosterone. Anabolic steroids are used to increase mass and muscle strength.

Anabolic means enlargement. Many athletes claim that steroids allow you to endure hard workouts and quickly recover from injuries. Because steroids affect many athletes who took part in the Olympics.

Athletes are prohibited from using steroids.

The official name for methane is methandrostenolone . It does not always have a positive effect on the human body. Today a lot has been said about it, you can find more than a dozen modes of its reception, but not all of them are correct, although many choose the first one they come across.

Why exactly “methane”?

Most of those who first decided to start building muscle mass with steroids, first of all, stop on “methane”. This is explained by three reasons that are closely related to the characteristics of the drug itself.

Athletes before the Olympics are randomly examined, say by checking their urine. Steroids are found in the urine, and after six months. If steroids have found an athlete’s urine, then within 2 years, far from competitors.

Previously, steroids in people with various muscle injuries so that they heal quickly. Steroids are sold in tablets, capsules, ampoules and forms. Usually there is a Russian name on the package. Different steroids are used in different cycles. More details here https://anabolicmenu.ws/products/global-anabolic-dbol-5mg-1000-pills/.

Orally for 4 weeks followed by a few weeks off.

“Methane” in bodybuilding: reviews of athletes

The use of steroids and a strong athletic person starts to build muscle mass. He takes more strength, aggressiveness, and quickly recovers from injury. Increasing muscle mass gives you more confidence. Men can increase libido.

  • The first reason – “methane” is distributed in tablets and is convenient to use, in comparison with injections. Although this statement is psychological. Most opponents of chemistry believe that the injection here is nothing more than a drug that rapidly develops drug addiction in a person. In fact, everything is completely different. Whether it is an injection or a pill, they all work in the same way and differ only in the method of introduction into the body. 
  • The second reason is the wide popularity of “methane” and its availability. Many newcomers to this business, after asking a friend with experience about some potent drug, often hear ” methandrostenolone ” in response and, accordingly, opt for it. 
  • The third reason is the cost of “methane”. It is one of the most affordable steroids on the market today. Although there is a reverse side of the coin. Despite the low price of a monthly course (up to $ 15), no one takes into account the fact that after prolonged use of the drug, you will have to rehabilitate the body. Methane has a negative effect on the liver and must be supported with protective, more expensive drugs, which will entail additional costs. And the gained muscle mass must also be maintained by taking calcium and potassium. 

A little warning for newbies

Before starting to describe the method of taking such a steroid as “methane”, it is necessary to conclude all of the above – beginners should refrain from this drug, after consulting with specialists and choosing something more suitable and less potent to begin with.

Anabolic steroid use often suffers from depression, insomnia, withdrawal. Because anabolic steroids can aggravate skin rashes or other skin conditions. Anyone who takes anabolic steroids is bad for the liver. Those that have long been used in alloying are formed in the liver of bloody cysts. Increased liver tumor and malignant tumors.

Training regimen and nutrition while taking Methandrostenolone

Anabolic steroids by growth area. Therefore, even immature teenagers can stop growing up. Growth hormone abuse can be present in any other side effects such as. Allergic reactions, diabetes mellitus, similar to allergic reactions. Used especially in large quantities, it can lead to acromegaly.

If the choice is made, it is worth using it in moderation, in parallel with taking medications that help reduce the harmful effects on the liver and health in general. No muscle mass will compensate for the diseases that can be obtained after excessive use of steroids.

Taking anabolic steroids is a common aggressive behavior that scares and even hurts people around you. Great anger sometimes causes injury or rape. Vascular calcification and heart attacks.

This can lead to a heart attack and impairs circulation. Since anabolic steroids enlarge the prostate gland, inflammation is possible and it is difficult to urinate.

After course therapy

They can include loss of potency. After you start taking doping, the potency first increases , and then almost completely disappears. Women who use doping, as well as obvious negative side effects: thick voice, chin hair enlargement, irregular menstrual cycle.

The pyramid-based methane intake, which many adhere to, has little effect. In the beginning, of course, the result may turn out to be good, but soon the body will begin to get used to the drug and its effect will be reduced to nothing (this option is not satisfactory and after that it will be possible to forget about the further use of “methane”).

It regulates the use of these products. The law prohibits the importation of these products into the country in order to transfer to others to produce , sell and hold. An exception is when drugs are used for medical and scientific purposes. Persons who break the law will be punished with a fine or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

According to the rules of sports doping, an athlete loses the right to participate in competitions for two years. The body looks plump because the muscles are fluid retention, facial swelling, especially in the cheeks, and the skin around the eyes is bulging and tense. Rash on the face, back, shoulders.

By the way, the pyramid method, when the dose of the drug is constantly increased and then decreases again, was used in ancient times so that the body gets used to the poison and does not perceive it.

Aggressive behavior, irritability, frequent mood swings. The focus is just your body and training. During doping pauses, bad mood, anxiety, insomnia suffer.

Persons wishing to use doping are looking for places where there are “specialists” and where you can buy these products.

Some sports clubs that operate independently of sports organizations, some people train people to consume doping.

Doping abuse drug addicts usually try to justify the following considerations. Doping is harmless if its use is controlled! After this “course” stop using doping. Aggressiveness; mood swings; insomnia; anxiety.

If a person’s life is not led according to a standardized schedule (for example, in shifts), it is necessary to develop your own approach of admission, in consultation with a professional and a doctor.

It is imperative to adhere to biological rhythms so that the effect on the hormonal background is stabilized by both artificial and natural factors.

Doping was originally used by athletes and other athletes, despite dangerous side effects. Their goal was to improve their skills and achieve better athletic performance. Later, doping spread among amateur athletes and schools.

Some people consume doping not only for athletic performance, but for other purposes as well. Muscular bodies dominate in modern advertising and celebrity photography. One high school survey of young people showed that greater physical strength gives more self-confidence, which can also contribute to the use of doping.

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